Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need to become Athletic Passports Verified?

A lacrosse tournament/s that your son/s is/are participating in is requiring that all players participating must provide documentation confirming their accurate age, graduation year, proof of insurance and a current picture, and has enlisted Athletic Passports as the service to capture all this information.

2. How long will the Verification process take?

If you have all the necessary supporting documentation at your fingertips, uploading the information takes only a couple minutes. Once you complete all the uploads, your final Verification confirmation email will be received no later than 48 hours from submission.

3. Who sees my player's personal information?

Only staff of Athletic Passports has access to the uploaded information, all of whom are bound by strict laws for maintaining the utmost of confidentiality. Please also reference our Privacy policy link on the website page.

4. What information exactly do I need to Verify my player's age?

To verify age, you need to provide either a current Passport, current state issued ID card or copy of birth certificate (all information on birth certificate can be blacked out except for issuing state. player's full legal name and player's date of birth

5. What information do I need to Verify my player's current grade enrolled in?

For graduation year verification you need to provide a current school ID card or a current copy of a report card (only information needed on the report card is the name of the school, current school year, current grade and full name of student)

6. Is my player's personal information secure in the website?

You can reference our Security policy link on the website page.

7. Why do I need to upload an image of my insurance card?

Having the image of the primary insured's card guarantees the accuracy of the player's insurance coverage for the event organizer.

8. What do I do with my son's Athletic Passport ID Card?

The card will always be electronically accessible to you in case it is needed to prove Verification. It can also be printed out so a hard copy is accessible to. There is a unique code on every card to each player so the information can never be misrepresented.

9. If I do not get successfully Verified can my player still compete in his scheduled tournament?

That is a decision made exclusively by the event organizer.

10. Why do I need to select an Event Organizer once my player has been Verified?

Selecting an Event Organizer provides the tournament administrators access to a list of all players successfully Verified through Athletic Passports for their event/s.

11. What does it mean if I receive an email saying my player's information has been declined?

If you receive an email declining your Verification submission, it will include notes stating why our staff has not accepted your uploaded information. Typically this occurs when documents are not legible or are not what is needed for us to accurately Verify the player.

12. If I have questions or problems, how can I reach someone to discuss the situation?

There is an online customer support staff ready to answer all your questions between 9am-5pm. As well, you can email our support staff and/or call the company through our toll free number.