About Athletic Passports

The premise is simple... Athletic Passports allows all players of each gender and different ages the ability to create their Passport, or profile with supporting documentation that provides a guarantee for age-appropriate and/or graduation year appropriate competition.

Coaches, event organizers, etc will have permission-specific access to this relevant documentation to ensure the events they produce have teams and players competing on level playing fields. By becoming an Athletic Passports verified athlete, you offer the necessary transparency needed to ensure the integrity of the games you compete in, the fairness to all your opponents and increased safety to protect the health of all players expecting to play against comparable athletes. By becoming an Athletic Passports Event Partner, you let the world know that safety, excellent experiences and fairness are of paramount importance in the events you produce.

Our mission is to become the ubiquitous age-verification platform in sports, to create parity and equaility in competition and to make athletics more fair and safe for all participants involved.

Create your Athletic Passport today, so that others may know that you compete honestly on the field or court.